Universal Clips have a wide range of clamps suitable for the Agricultural Industry. We have extensive experience in supplying clamps to the irrigation, borehole, plant nursery, Landscapers, market garden, flower and greenhouse operators.

  • Worm Drive Hose Clamps

    Universal Clips have been manufacturing worm drive hose clamps for over thirty years and manufacture a range of different designs from the standard fixed bridge clamp to the flip top or quick release type. They are internationally known and marketed under the “Universal”, “UC” or “Uniclips” Brands. Our re-usable hose clamps are made with 8mm […]

  • Heavy Duty Clamps

    Heavy Duty bolted Uniclamp. The Uniclamp range of heavy duty bolted clamps can be used on more robust applications or any heavy duty clamping requirement. These are manufactured in either full 316 stainless steel or composite with 409 stainless steel band and standard zinc plated nut, set screw and trunnions. The simplistic, compact but yet […]

  • Wire Clamps

    The spring steel wire clamps come in two versions – the WB bolted Clamp for higher pressure applications, and for lower pressure applications, the “WA” spring type clamp. Bolted Wire Clamps (“WB”) The bolted wire (WB) clamps are manufactured from spring steel wire with zinc plated bolt and nuts. They come in a large range […]

  • GROLOK Planting Baskets

    The patented GROLOK planting basket has been designed around the requirements of the larger calliper tree growing nursery operators to prove a simple but effective system to ensure availability of trees all year round. The baskets are low and wide for stability in Nursery rows and are easy and safe to handle. The system provides […]