The spring steel wire clamps come in two versions – the WB bolted Clamp for higher pressure applications, and for lower pressure applications, the “WA” spring type clamp.

Bolted Wire Clamps (“WB”)
The bolted wire (WB) clamps are manufactured from spring steel wire with zinc plated bolt and nuts. They come in a large range of sizes with various wire and bolt sizes. These “Push – Pull” Clamps are ideal for automotive, agricultural and Industrial applications where higher pressure applications are required or on harder hoses.
The double strand wire construction provides a double action seal which ensures longer durability and higher resistance to “blow-off”. The finer thread and very small cross sectional area of the wire acting on the hose offers a higher pressure application than the standard worm drive hose clamp.

Self Tightening Spring Type Wire Hose Clamps. (“WA”)
The Universal Self Tightening Spring hose clamps are manufactured from a tempered spring steel wire and zinc electroplated. The range is ideal for lower pressure applications where the hoses have soft walls or where a quick and simple application is required, in limited working space and a small operating range.
They are ideally used in the automotive and white goods industries. They are simply applied with pinchers or pliers.

Screw Wire Hose Clamp

Wire Hose Clamp