Universal Clips have been manufacturing worm drive hose clamps for over thirty years and manufacture a range of different designs from the standard fixed bridge clamp to the flip top or quick release type. They are internationally known and marketed under the “Universal”, “UC” or “Uniclips” Brands. Our re-usable hose clamps are made with 8mm and 12 mm bands widths with slotted hex head screws of various sizes. Our clamps are manufactured in full stainless steel or with stainless band and zinc plated housing and screw. The pierced band design allows for the screw thread to fully penetrate the band, increasing strength and reducing the risk of slipping or working loose. Our clamps are free from spot welding, improving resistance to corrosion.

They are extremely versatile and have many applications including abut not limited to: –

Automotive, Marine, Irrigation, Agriculture, Hardware, DIY, Industrial, Petro Chemical, Food, and Beverage, Mining, Fire and Emergency Services, Construction and Housing.
All our clamps are made to SABS and international standards. Various sizes and configurations are available on request. Our mini range has an 8mm band width and the standard product has a 12mm band width. We can pack to customers request or the clamps come standard in our distinctive yellow retail boxes. For larger volumes we can make or Brand to customer request.
See detailed brochure for further details:

Worm Drive Hose Clamps

Worm Drive Econ