Heavy Duty bolted Uniclamp.
The Uniclamp range of heavy duty bolted clamps that can be used on exhaust applications or any heavy duty clamping requirement. These are manufactured in either full 316 stainless steel or composite with 409 stainless steel band and standard zinc plated nut, set screw and trunnions. The simplistic, compact but yet highly effective design provides a quality cost effective solution for larger clamping applications. There is no welding which reduces the risk of corrosion. They are designed to be applied using a single spanner or socket. In addition they have a modified range where a “roll down” option allows the clamp to be installed in a smaller than advertised range.

Speciality Exhaust clamps
We manufacture customer specific exhaust clamps for customers. Give us your requirements and we look at manufacturing to your specification or supplying from our existing range.

Bolted Hose Clamps