These clamps are 100% stainless steel including the band and the T bolt. They are used on heavier applications than the standard worm drive and on higher performance vehicles. They are also ideally suited to Industrial and marine applications.
The tangentially set bolt ensures an efficient transfer of torque to the clamp. The strong one piece stainless steel trunnion and stainless NYLOK nut, (to prevent loosening), allows socket or spanner application. The flanged tongue provides full 360 degree sealing pressure as well as protecting the hose from damage. The flange and clamp is welded for extra strength.
The V-Band versions of the T bolt clamp are available with various V- Band cross section options. These sections are spot welded inside the clamps which connect and seal flanged connections of hose fittings or pipe. Typically these products are utilised for turbo charger and Diesel Exhausts as well as Industrial equipment

T-Bolt Clamp